Columbus, OH 43230
Salary: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

RESULTS STATEMENT: You would be accountable for producing the following results:

  • Meeting DOT safety and compliance standards
  • Support in the development and implementation of systems that will support the Manager in the attainment of the companies’ safety and compliance goals.
  • Keep the promises made by the company to our customers

Work listing:


  • Recommend to management ideas that will allow the company to meet its strategic objectives
  • Advise management of market changes, business opportunities, and possible challenges facing the company. Offer ideas to allow us to benefit from opportunities and minimize the negative effects of these challenges.

Managerial Work: (using the current company system where applicable)

  • Support the development systems to allow the company to meet DOT standards
  • Review cost analysis to determine if we are using the most effective means to manage our maintenance of equipment
  • Support driver/owner recruiting and retention

TaskWork: Support the Lead Dispatcher to – (using current company systems)

Trailer Maintenance

  • Daily Yard check-Check lights, tires, red tags, etc.
  • Maintain Active Trailer List (L drive)
  • Call vendors for any repairs needed
  • Get estimates for damage repairs (Supervisor Approves)
  • Maintain trackers list including installation
  • Maintain tracker website (Linxup) including adding new trackers to system
  • Maintain decals list and application of
  • Maintain all expirations for all required maintenance
  • Acquire new vendors & set up in the system (incl tax requirements)
  • Order supplies ie: log books, decals, red tags, skirt arms, etc.
  • Assist drivers with maint issues while on the road
  • Maintain trailer folders incl filing all invoices and maintenance done req by DOT
  • Maintain accurate trailer list w/ insurance company & vendors
  • Schedule service for company-owned trucks
  • Coordinate trailer maintenance with our vendors

Safety & Compliance

  • Maintain expiration requirements with all owner ops & trucks
  • Run weekly report showing all expirations & requirements on trailers, trucks, & drivers
  • Call/text owner ops with reminders with upcoming serv/maint due
  • Run BMV’s, MVR, Med certifications
  • Maintain paper files on trucks required by DOT
  • Fill out employment verification request-fax back to the requester
  • Run background checks for owner ops upon hire
  • Maintain communication between Safety & Operations (ie: creating memos, etc.)
  • Check CSA scorecard on a bi-weekly basis
  • Review roadside inspections received by driver-take appropriate action
  • Review tickets issued to owner ops-take appropriate action

Log Books

  • Inspect weekly logs from owner ops-track on our ELD Software
  • Print tolls for all owner ops w/ EZ Pass
  • Audit logs (Form & Manner, HOS, tolls)
  • Assist drivers w/ corrections
  • Print audit summaries-turn in any violation fines to Accounting for deduction on settlements
  • Review/audit HOS summary daily on the ELD Software
  • Discuss violations w/ drivers-write up if necessary
  • Attend monthly safety meetings hosted by the OTA
  • Collect and sort/file fuel receipts (Cash receipts only)

Accident Claims

  • Keep active claims book & accident book up to date
  • Contact liaison with the insurance company with all claims
  • Send any info needed in regards to a claim-ie: pics of the accident, driver info, etc.

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